Authorized Dealer for Vehicle Spare Parts in Kaluthara
In Genuine parts section, we have categorically compiled almost every road vehicle spare part of Automobiles running in Srilanka. Although it’s a massive collection and showcase, we ensure you are at the right place looking for the spare parts and their respective vendors according to their business type.

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Welcome to SIRIWARDANA MOTOR STORES (PVT) LTD, the one and only Portal which has successfully
integrated the complete Automobile industry on a single platform.

NISSAN Genuine Parts
( Associated Motorways PVT Ltd )

ISUZU Genuine Parts
( Sathosa Motors PLC )

MITSUBISHI Genuine Parts
( United Motors Lanka PLC )

TOYOTA Genuine Parts
( Toyota Lanka PVT Ltd )

About Our Company

With an experience in Automobile Market, our Directors first realized the need to integrate the Sri lankan spare parts industry. An industry that is so underrated yet the lifeline of every other industry thriving today.
As much as an outsider who would look at us and compare us with other Portals running online, we are striving harder every day harder to a point of no comparison with anyone or any other entity as what we work for is entirely a work for a specialized and focused Automobile industry.

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Authorized Dealer for Vehicle Spare Parts in Kaluthara

Spare Parts & Accessories

Whatever car parts you need, we supply quality items from some of the biggest names in the industry. From suspension and brake pads to batteries and bulbs, find the best parts at the best price.

Car Battery

The car battery is the heartbeat of your car, supplying the current to the starter motor and ignition system when you start the engine. In modern vehicles especially, it is more important than ever to choose the right battery. Find yours within our current range of car batteries

Vehicle Lubricants

Engine oil is the 'life blood' of your car. It's a vital component of the engine system, lubricating moving parts and ensuring your car has a long and happy life.

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